About Fenna
Practical information

Until ten years ago the  etiology and phenomenology of  psychological problems, though still very  much physically determined, had no noticeable consequences for  the psychotherapeutic practice. As a rule we tried to express our  experiences  by means of symbolism through language. Insights into the  consequences of  physical and  sexual trauma (for example an inquiry into functions  like emotion and memory) show that developmental gaps and early traumata might manifest  as physical experiences and sensations later in life.

That is  why nowadays there is a growing  interest and need   for forms of psychotherapy where the  body is integrated into the process and has its unique place therein.

People  are looking  for help, support or  therapy when they start feeling trapped or restricted. Life seems  to become a  heavy burden.

The  body responds with withdrawal (apathy), stress (anger, lack of control) or with a "stress suppression" condition (depression/discourage).

The  therapy Fenna offers is more practical than theoretical; besides  the classical interview techniques she uses body exercises, movement, breathing and  expression (sound, art forms, etc.). Sometimes homework like reading or writing is involved and forms a useful and necessary part of the process.