About Fenna
Practical information


Fenna EngelsbergFenna A. Engelsberg founded the private practice Ja & Nu for  body-oriented psychotherapy in Bezuidenhout (the Hague) and is a self employed therapist.

Fenna is well versed in English and as the major part of her studies was lectured in the English language, this means that working  with foreign clients is no obstacle.

Her  aim within professional aid is based on the  conviction that mutual connection is  our deepest desire as is the  realization of  our  own self dignity.

Ja & Nu stands  for:

Ja: opening communications with the  self, the  other and  the  actual context we  live  in

& goes for: the connecting principle; in her opinion therapy works towards synthesis, rather than exclusion or  judgment.

Nu as Now, stands  for the  actual contact in the  client-therapist relation and  the  more  spiritual level of  existence.